For more information about 4-H:

Local Information: Washington County OSU Extension Service: 725-2110 or pattyg@capital.osshe.edu

This information is not current, but gives an idea of past offerings
3 Clubs currently meet here:

Furry Friends 4-H Club
This group started in Jan 1999 and has 15-20 members.
For 7-14 year-olds with Rabbits, Cavies, Cats, Lizards, Mice, and other Small Animals.
Meet on 2nd & 4th Thursdays. Leader: Lisa Dumas: 649-4549

Tualatin Valley Beef Club
Has 16-20 members, and includes hogs, dairy....etc?
(4-H requires kids to be in 4th grade to handle livestock.)
These 10-18 year-olds meet 2nd Wednesday. Contact Larry Jacobs: 590-4769

Washington County 4-H Leadership Team
Has approximately 12 members from all over the county.
13-18 year-olds meet 3rd Thursdays in addition to activity events.
Most members participate in other 4-H clubs. Leader: Lynn Hilbert: 628-0693 or lynn.hilbert@verizon.net

Other 4-H Clubs have close ties to our Grange, and members from
Flying Friends 4-H Club are often seen around our hall. With 25 members, these 6-17 year-olds
study veterinary science and animals of all kinds. Leader: Sue Brenner: 357-5409

The Kinton Grange Easter Egg Hunt for developmentally delayed children
includes a petting zoo
provided by members of these clubs who love to show off their wonderful animals.

These groups often have special activities at the Grange
-- Pancake Breakfasts, Garage Sales, etc.
Please check our Calendar!

4-H charges a $6 per project fee,
and a club membership fee which is sometimes paid by group fundraising.

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