The Kinton Grange      
Thanks to all our customers and vendors and volunteers who made the 2016 Country Faire and Fall Feast great successes.

Join Boy Scout Troop 874 for their annual Pancake Breakfast at Kinton Grange.
Saturday, May 20th, 2017 -- 7:30 am to 12:30 pm


Please join Kinton Grange Members for potluck dinner, business meeting and informational program
Second Tuesdays   6 - 9 PM

Everyone's Welcome
Find out about the benefits of membership!
Members' use of the building & Grass Roots opportunities to shape the future of our community and our planet

This building is the home
of the Kinton Grange and where we, the members, meet monthly.
It is also used by the 4-H and Scout groups we sponsor.
Wheelchair accessible -- Southwest of Beaverton Oregon -- See maps below.

We rent the building to various
groups and clubs who come here regularly to
dance, hold meetings, have fun, and put on bazaars.

We also rent to
Individuals and Families who wish to use the hall for special occasions.
(FREE to Grange Members)

Kinton Grange, as a non-profit organization, is expected to “give back” to the commmunity.
We do not have any religious affiliation.

We are happy to support children through college scholarships and
Monthly on-going support of several youth groups.

We also provide Christmas Caroling for shut-ins,
Christmas Food Baskets for less fortunate folks in our community,
and Emergency assistance for fire or flood victims in our community.

We sponsor educational programs and invite people to come together to discuss community issues.

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