Our Location

We are prominently located on Scholls Ferry Road
near the "Kinton" signpost and the intersection of Tile Flat Road. A new traffic light marks this intersection.
We are 2.5 miles east of Groner's Corner and Groner Elementary School

....and yes, we are also 5 miles west of Washington Square.
We have a nice big reader board. You can't miss it.

Our address, for location purposes only -- not mail,
is 19015 SW Scholls Ferry Road, Beaverton.

See below for non-Google directions

To the Kinton Grange:
  1. Traveling north on Hwy 217 take the Scholls Ferry exit near Washington Square. Turn left at the light to get onto Scholls Ferry Road westbound..
    (Traveling south on Hwy 217 take the Scholls Ferry Exit and turn right to go westbound on Scholls Ferry Road.)

  2. There are several controlled intersections in the first couple of miles as you travel past commercial development (strip malls). Another traffic light at the High School; then a new traffic light at Tile Flat Road. Turn right just past this light.

  3. The Kinton Grange is a white building on the right side of Scholls Ferry Rd. about 5 miles from Hwy 217.

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